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                        Leading the elastomeric roof coating industry 30+ years!!!

                        Conklin roof coatings provide the answers your flat or low slope roof is looking for. Once coated, your roof will have a seamless, energy efficient, fire resistant, fully adhered, leak proof surface that will stand the test of time. This system eliminates the costly labor of tear-off & disposal & the high cost of a completely new roofing system by going over the existing roof surface. Check out the many roof solutions below…

                           Conklin has over 2.5 BILLION sq ft under roof!!! 

                        We’re your seamless flat roofing specialists!


                        Metal Roof Restoration:

                        Looking for a way to eliminate the leaks around fasteners, seams, & roof protrusions? Do you have a corrugated metal roof weathered and starting to rust? The Metal Roof(MR) System if the solution you are looking for.


                              Surface is pressure washed                Rust Primed w/ Metal Ready               Fasteners Caulked & Sealed w/

                                        using Rust-Off                                   rust inhibiting Primer                               Conklin Kwik Kaulk

                          Rapid Roof III Basecoat & Spunflex Mesh on all seams                 Top Coat applied over entire surface:

                        EPDM Rubber Roof Coating:


                        There are millions of square feet of aged EPDM rubber flat roofs out there in need of attention. Is yours one of them? Extend the life of your existing roof by sealing it with a high efficiency white roof that will keep a cool surface in mid summer heat. Start lowering your cooling bills now!


                           Surface is pressure washed using           Primed w/ Tack Coat Primer                  Rapid Roof III Basecoat &

                           WAC (weathered acrylic cleaner)                  for good adhesion:                         Spunflex Mesh on all seams:

                                                                                    Rapid Roof III Reflective top coat applied:

                        Poly-urethane Foam System:

                        This option for flat or low slope roofs combines an excellent adherence of urethane foam to the substrate providing excellent R-value for the roof surface and a good substrate for the Conklin Top Coatings. Once coated, you will have an EXTREMELY energy efficient seamless roof system that is SUPERIORLY adhered. Low areas can be easily built up to re-direct water flow. This system has a great energy savings turning your roofing expense into a long-term investment for your building.


                                       BaseCoat over entire surface                                                    Top Coat over entire roof surface.

                        Ply System:

                        This system can be used over a variety of substrates including plywood, oxboard, concrete, or EPDM. This system utilizes a continuous mesh of Spunflex fabric giving it superior tensile strength alongside the other great qualities of energy efficiency & fire resistance.

                                                                 Surface prepped to be smooth & clean Prime Time Primer applied


                        Wide fabric embedded in basecoat over entire roof                         Top Coat applied over entire roof surface

                        Single Ply Membrance:


                        Set on a single ply membrane for your roof? Go with an energy efficient, low weight, chemical resistant(Hy-Crown), fire resistant, lower cost Hy-crown or Flexion Single ply roofing system from Conklin. 60% of all flat roofs are using single ply membranes – sometimes it’s good to go with the majority…