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                        Miller & Moss Construction Co seeks to be a multi-faceted construction company specializing in most areas of residential, agricultural, & commercial construction. We pride ourselves in giving the customer the attention and satisfaction they deserve, not racing through projects to rack up numbers. Our equation for success is:

                        more attention
                        satisfied customers
                        more customers


                        Woodland Estates – Our development property in rural Adams County

                        - Woodland Estates

                        Imagine yourself living in your new home...a rural park setting a mere 12 minutes from the I-172 / SR 104 junction. Imagine having quick and easy access to to Quincy without the cramped chaos of living too close to your neighbor. Imagine the privacy of your new 5 acre lot in a wooded area of rural Adams County. Now – let us show you how you have make that dream your reality.


                        The Woodland Estates are currently being transformed into a beautiful park setting for you to build your new home. Lots will be available in 5 acre parcels for you to purchase with or without contract for us to build. Please contact Jaron via phone or email for pricing details.

                        Just a few of our areas of expertise include:

                        • Residential Homes:

                        Whether your new home is a small ranch style house to a multi gable mansion, M&MCC is the general contractor you need to make your dream home a reality…at a price you can afford. We pride our self in customer attention

                        • Additions

                        From small 1 room add-ons to full home size additions, There is no reason to settle for the lack of space you may currently deal with. Let us work with you to integrate more usable area into your existing structure.

                        • Remodeling

                        We can bring your 100+ year old home to life. Whether you’re looking to update to a modern finish, or wanting to keep your building authentic – M&MCC has done a variety of both on existing homes, garages, & sheds.

                        • Ag & Commercial Wood Framed Buildings

                        Miller got his start in the building trades back in 1969 building pole structures for a local big builder & he has been building them ever since. From plain pole buildings to immaculate machine sheds, our buildings can be catered to your specific needs.

                        • Concrete

                        We have decades of experience of cement work. We can pour all of your footings, foundations, & flatwork to the size and spec you desire. We build Insulated Concrete Form(ICF) homes, basements, & buildings for an energy efficient solid structure that will stand the test of time.

                        • Siding

                        We are skilled installers of all varieties of vinyl, cedar lap, & cement lap sidings & trims for your new projects. Looking to install siding on your existing structure? We can give your building the nice & sleek curb appeal it deserves.

                        • Doors & Windows

                        M&MCC can install new construction doors windows of all varieties, shapes, and sizes in your new building project. We also take pride in restoration of your existing building installing new high efficiency replacement doors and windows.

                        • Roofing

                        We are an unlimited licensed roofer in the state of Illinois. We install asphalt shingles, screwed or standing seam metal roofing, & Conklin Elastomeric roof Coatings. Please check out our Conklin Roofing page for more info on these great energy efficient low slope roof solutions.

                        • Electrical

                        M&MCC provides all of your electrical needs – no job too big or small. With a University of Illinois electrician training background, we wire new construction, sheds, shops, & grain facilities. We also re-wire old buildings, install new electrical appliances, & perform electrical troubleshooting for any of your electrical issues in the residential, ag, or commercial settings.